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The Poles present an Annual Programme to Regione Piemonte with the strategic Schedule of all the projects that they wish to carry out, subdivided according to trajectory and allocated in a specific line of development: this guarantees organic unity and better effectiveness to the Programme in the application of the Pole strategy. (see separate leaflet for further details).

POLIBRE has selected the following strategic goals:

1) promoting research into agro-energetic biomass, finalized towards an eco-sustainable development of the territory and an ideal exploitation of forest and agricultural resources, through selection of varieties not destined for food production
2) improving the productive processes of energy and biofuels (2nd generation bioethanol, biodiesel, biogas)
3) contributing to the attainment of targets and commitments set out in the Climate-Energy Package 20-20-20, with particular reference to greenhouse gas reduction

1) Supporting the creation and growth of an innovative technological drawing machine for 3rd generation Photovoltaics Effect
2) increasing efficiency of photovoltaic modules and cost reduction
3) finding new application possibilities for photovoltaic panels in various contexts

Creating inside the Science and Technology Park in Valle Scrivia an energy district with innovative pilot installations and demonstrations that permit the production of energy for the self consumption of the Park and at the same time, permits us to study  how the network reacts to the presence of inflow of energy coming from different production fonts  and coming from continuous and non-continuous sources and different generating installations, in a type of SMART GRID: the intelligent energy network of tomorrow.

The Annual Programme is evaluated and subsequently financed by Regione Piemonte, taking into account both the planned resources and the quality of the proposal in its entirety and in the details of each single project.